• R-22
  • R-134a
  • R-500
  • R-502
  • R-404a
  • R-407c

Refrigerant Recovery:

OEM's, Mechanical Contractors, Building Engineers, Property Managers, HVAC companies, End-users, and Demolition 

  • De-inventory of chillers and HVAC systems per 40CFR
  • Universal certified technicians
  • On-site oil percentage​
  • Recovered refrigerant weight
  • Recovered refrigerant can be purchased or reclaimed

Refrigerant Reclamation 

  • Cost saving
  • Repackaged & returned in new cylinders/drums

Refrigerant Sales: 

Low Pressure Refrigerant & High Pressure Refrigerants

  • R-11                       
  • R-123    
  • R-12    
  • R-113                
  • R-114              
  • R-410a       
  • R-407a       

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Refrigerant Recovery

  • Fast and efficient on-site refrigerant recovery
  • ​Recovery documentation provided 

We purchase used refrigerant! 


Refrigerant Reclaim:

Our reclamation facility allows you to reclaim your CFC's, HCFC's, and HFC's to ARI-700 specs. 

  • Large volumes and quick turn around
  • Meets or exceeds ARI-700 specifications
  • Repackaged into DOT approved cylinders and drums
  • Evacuation of your recovery cylinders/returned in vacuum
  • Cylinder tracking, exchange, and rentals
  • Refrigerant banking program 

Refrigerant Sales

  • All refrigerants meet or exceed ARI-700 specifications  
  • Immediate delivery available